Root canal therapy has evolved over the years to make the procedure much easier than it used to be. Thanks to modern anesthetic and painkillers for after, the root canal therapy it can be a painless experience, and certainly more comfortable than the pain from an abscess or toothache.

Root canal therapy occurs when a tooth has become infected or inflamed as a result of decay or cracking ; actually it is often these that cause toothache which is what prompts you to call our office. If the infection has caused a swelling that makes root canal therapy difficult or impossible to numb, we will simply provide you a course of antibiotics to calm down the infection, after which you can return to the office for the root canal therapy itself.

Root canal therapy is rather simple and involves accessing the inside of the tooth into the pulp chamber and removing the infected area and nerve out of the root canals. This is done while the tooth is completely numb, and is painless. Once that is done the root canals and the chamber are filled with an inert root filling material, and it is recommended to have a crown fitted after root canal therapy as it will prevent fracture of the tooth.

If you suffering from a toothache or swelling and are putting off visiting the dentist, make sure you book a visit – after all, it could be nothing at all, or it could be something that is treated very easily without necessitating root canal therapy. In the event that it does require root canal therapy, though, you will know you are in the best hands possible with Dr Anderson.

Here at Anderson Dental we can make your toothache disappear, all thanks to a painless procedure. Our job is to care for you and your oral health, and Dr Paul Anderson is extremely skilled at doing just that. With a simple procedure and a friendly service you can leave our surgery feeling like a new person.

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