Restorative dentistry is the term given to all manner of dentistry that involves restoring teeth, from porcelain veneers to straightening, strengthening, fillings and reconstruction, or aesthetic dentistry such as teeth whitening. Simply put, restorative dentistry is almost anything that is not a simple check-up. Restorative dentistry boosts oral health and in turn your confidence, because not much makes us feel better than receiving a compliment on our smile.A lot of people may never consider restorative dentistry, either because it hasn’t occurred to them or because they don’t think their problem can be fixed. However, thanks to the huge advancements in dentistry over the years almost everything can be addressed and resolved now. Do you have a chipped, damaged or stained tooth? A simple crown would fix the issue quickly and painlessly; in fact, porcelain crowns are one of the most popular procedures performed under restorative dentistry. If you have a crack or hole, then the common filling can fix it. If your problem is very severe then Dr Anderson at Anderson Dental can even perform full-mouth reconstruction, so there really is nothing that you can’t have remedied.

Restorative dentistry actually goes beyond what is mentioned above and incorporates tooth-colored restoration, gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is a condition that can cause intense pain in or around the jaw. Restorative dentistry can treat all of these and if necessary a crown may be used to fix any aesthetic problems caused by these problems.

Restorative dentistry is extremely important, not just because of how good our teeth look but because of our overall general health. Evidence suggests that restorative dentistry not only treats oral health but can also address pain in the head and neck, and some forms of heart disease have been linked to dental health – so maybe a trip to the Anderson Dental surgery could even save you a visit to the doctor.

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