If you or a loved are in need of braces then it is quite likely you’ve heard some stories from friends or family about invisible braces. Perhaps you haven’t, but instead have seen others wearing traditional braces and have never liked their aesthetic appeal. That’s not uncommon, but now you have an alternative to the traditional metal braces, and that is ClearCorrect. Quite simply, these are invisible braces—giving you all the benefits of braces without the worry about how they look.

With invisible braces you will not need to concern yourself with what other people think because they will not be able to see them, so no longer will the patient with braces have to try to hide their smile. You can smile not only after the invisible braces come out when your teeth have been corrected, but also the whole time you are wearing them.

ClearCorrect invisible braces do not use brackets like metal braces do (giving you increased comfort). So how do they work? The invisible braces are custom aligners that are changed periodically, with each one straightening your teeth incrementally. By the time the last invisible braces aligner is removed your teeth will be just how you always wanted them to be. The process is very clever behind the scenes, with scans of your teeth providing a 3D image to ClearCorrect, who then crafts the aligner using the latest computer and mapping technology so your aligners are as precise as can possibly be. But the process couldn’t be simpler for you: you just arrive at the dentist for a check-up and with an almost invisible aligner to adjust your teeth in a comfortable way.

Here at Anderson Dental we are trained and experienced in fitting ClearCorrect invisible braces, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your teeth a simple visit to our office could soon have you flashing the smile you always wanted.

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