Tooth loss is something we would not like to face, but as with most things in dentistry today, the procedure to rectify it is not as unpleasant as people think. Dentures and partial dentures are common procedures carried out to replace missing teeth; if all the teeth are missing then a complete denture is required, but if only some teeth are missing then partial dentures are used instead.There are many contributing factors for why someone may lose teeth, such as trauma, decay, a fall or periodontal disease. Needless to say, missing teeth can negatively impact self-confidence and make you reluctant to smile, not to mention make biting and chewing uncomfortable or perhaps even difficult. To make matters worse, our teeth support our cheeks and so an effect of tooth loss is sagging cheeks, which makes us look older than we really are. Given all these reasons, it is imperative that missing teeth are replaced.

Dentures and partial dentures are removable replacements, so you can remove them. By their very design, dentures and partial dentures look exactly like natural teeth and they function like them too, so no one will know you are wearing them. Dentures and partial dentures are also comfortable, so you won’t feel like you are sacrificing feeling good to wear them.

Typically dentures and partial dentures remain in place through suction to the gums, but a fixative can be used as well. If you have a concern about the possibility of them coming loose, such as when eating certain foods, you have the option of having them fixed in place with implants; this will keep you reassured that they won’t fall out when eating in a restaurant.

Dentures last a long time but the simple fact is our mouths change, for example our gums shrink and our bite often changes over the years. When this happens dentures will need modifying or replacing. However, the user can help prolong the life of the dentures by taking good care of them, such as brushing them and keeping them in cold water when they are not being worn.

Anderson Dental prides ourselves on being a friendly and experienced dental surgery office that will give you back your confidence, whether you need a whole set of new teeth or just partial dentures.

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