Dental implants are a means of replacing a tooth or teeth without having to anchor onto existing teeth. Most commonly a dental implant is placed into the jaw and shortly thereafter a dental crown is placed onto the implant. This in effect gives the patient a new tooth, fills an empty space, and provides all the function that the rest of the teeth provide. One of the reasons we like dental implants is that they replace a tooth without having to rely on the neighboring teeth. With a dental bridge we have to connect the tooth behind and in front of the missing tooth in order place the bridge. With a dental implant, we can increase function and appearance without having to put more strain on their neighboring teeth. Implants can also permanently replace several missing teeth by serving as anchors for a implant supported dental bridge.


Dental implants are also used as anchors for partial and complete dentures. This helps stabilize the denture and improves the user’s ability to eat the foods that they once enjoyed again and give confidence in their smile. In this circumstance, several implants are placed in locations predetermined by Dr. Anderson that will provide maximum function and overall stability.

Dr. Anderson is a member of the International Dental Implant Association and has over 120 hours in Continuing Education courses in dental implants. He and his caring staff and will gladly work with you during your dental implant experiences from start to finish to make sure it is as smooth and simple as can be.


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