Dental bridges, are false teeth used to fill a space. Dental bridges differ from removable dentures in that they are permanent, being anchored to the teeth at one or both sides and are held securely in place with cement. With proper care, dental bridges can last many years.
A dental bridge can be used to improve a smile while replacing front teeth, or to improve chewing function by replacing missing back teeth. A bridge is often the restoration of choice when both teeth bordering a missing tooth are in need of a dental crown. If the teeth adjacent to a space are healthy, then often a dental implant is the preferred method to replacing a tooth. We are happy to discuss with you your various options to replace teeth and why one option may be better for you versus another.
Dental bridges typically take place over  two visits to the dentist. The first visit consists of preparatory work and a  digital scan will be taken of your teeth using our CEREC Omnicam. The second visit will involve the bridge being fitted and adjusted, making sure the bite is correct.
Below is a visual illustrating the bridge process as experienced in our office.

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