Here’s a good example of what we love about our job. This case is another example of why we love making one visit CEREC crowns a daily part of our practice. Looking at these teeth you wouldn’t expect that any one of them was not a natural tooth, yet one of these (I won’t tell you which) is actually a new crown that we made for our patient in one 90 minute visit. I’d say that it looks like it naturally grew there just like its neighbors. Kudos to Shawna for her work on characterizing the crown to match so well.



So unlike in the past where you had to wear a temporary crown for 3 weeks while the lab made your new crown, we can make your crown in one visit thanks to our CEREC machine. We simply take a digital impression with a specialized camera (no more biting in goo), design your custom new crown in the computer, and in a matter of minutes, your new crown is milled out and ready to be tried in. Patients love it, we love it, its pretty much win/win.

So what’s your guess? Which is it?

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