One of these is not like the other…

Gumline Filling

So here’s the story of two teeth. Both had fillings done along the gumline.

One was performed south of the border, one was performed at Anderson Dental in Grants Pass, Oregon.

One wasn’t smooth and irritated the gums to the point that they bled from brushing, the other was smooth and hygienic.

One didn’t match the color of the tooth, and the other was practically invisible, almost as if there wasn’t even a filling there.

One made the patient sort of upset, the other made the patient happy.

So, the tooth on the left was done somewhere else, the tooth on the right was from Anderson Dental. We strive to achieve perfection with all our patients, and we’re delighted when you’re happy with your treatment. Tooth colored fillings can not only restore a tooth to health, but they can be aesthetic to the point of beingĀ unnoticeableĀ to anyone else. Thank you for choosing us as your Grants Pass dentist.

~Dr. Anderson and Team


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