Proper Oral Hygiene

So there’s a commercial running lately for a faucet that’s driving Dr. Anderson a little crazy.

So why does this drive Dr. Anderson crazy? Becoming a dentist sort of re-wires your brain and so you sort of notice peoples teeth, smiles, and all things dental in every day life, all the time. Dr. Anderson has a hard time not lending his advice to those he see in pharmacies and grocery stores around Grants Pass. Oftentimes when people are staring blankly at the vast amount of choices of toothbrushes or whitening products, Dr. Anderson likes to pop in and offer his opinion, explaining that he’s a Grants Pass dentist and then go along his way.

So what does this have to do with this commercial? Her toothbrushing technique is … less than ideal. Now our fantastic hygienist, Robin is truly a wonderwoman. She is so passionate about her work and helping her patients achieve excellence in their oral hygiene. I think the recurring comment of her work from many of our new patients is “Wow, that’s the best cleaning I’ve every had” What often amazes our new patients is that she does such a great job of cleaning their teeth, but that she also spends so much time thoroughly explaining how to take care of themselves and customizing a plan specific to the patient. This personal plan is tailored to their individual situation and needs. One product that she swears by is the Waterpik. It’s an aid, ¬†which when used as part of a complete plan, that can make dramatic improvements in oral health.

We ask that you pick up the phone and give us a call and experience this great education for yourself. As a gentle dental office, we love to take the time our patients need to achieve maximum oral health.

Keep brushing!

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